Welcome to the last job you will ever have!

You are eligible for a spot on the hardest working ship in the Vast, the Starship Endeavor! The corporation has put little value in your ability to adapt and work, but to the Corp, a little goes a long way. A long way away from our pristine corporate offices and out into the deadly wilds of the great unknown. Our brave little pioneers, that applicants, will go out to the far ends of the galaxy and work themselves to death for glory, honor, and a paycheck. On those brave, broken bodies, the corporation will gladly plants it’s flag and conquer the great unknown.

The spacemonkeys are those hard working individuals that work the swing shift. They fill the time between the valuable first shift, and the not so bad second shift. They do the important grunt work that frankly, no one else wants to do. Who are we kidding, the spacemonkeys don’t want to do the work either, but they are being meagerly paid, and threatened with termination, in every sense of the word.

Join now and get a pittance as a sign on bonus so you too can explore space, and take all the resources from every planet you can. After all, if the Corporation doesn’t claim it, who will?


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